How Do You Burn Stomach Fat Fast?


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A person can burn stomach fat fast by exercising consistently, eating a healthy diet high in fiber, reducing stress, and getting enough sleep. Combining each of these factors for a healthy lifestyle change is an effective way to lose fat around the middle.

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A person who wants to burn belly fat fast should engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. Cardiovascular and aerobic exercise burn fat the quickest. Brisk walks or jogging cost no money and burn calories. Walking or running on a treadmill helps people track how fast they run and the approximate amount of fat and calories they burn. Strength exercises, such as sit-ups, and cardio or aerobic exercise help tone the abdominal muscles.

A healthy diet with plenty of fiber is a quick solution for losing belly fat. Apples, peas, pinto beans and whole grains are rich in fiber and easy to incorporate into a diet. Fiber helps a person control hunger, aids in digestion, and often gives a person extra energy during workouts. A bowl of oatmeal is a rich source of fiber and makes a person feel full and energetic at the start of the day. Drinking two glasses of water before each meal helps prevent overeating.

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