How Do You Burn Fat Quickly?


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Ways to burn fat quickly include eating six small meals a day, waiting at least 20 minutes before eating seconds, wearing a hoodie while working out, eating on a smaller plate, and eating nonfat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream or mayo. Eating more fiber is also effective.

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It's good to eat several small meals a day, every three hours or so, in order to increase the body's metabolism. By wearing a hoodie while working out, an individual is able to burn more calories, since his muscles are warmer and he sweats easier. Smaller dinner plates limit how much food can be placed on the plate, which limits the amount of food a person consumes.

Eating peanuts from the shell can cause a person to eat less, as he has to peel the peanut from its shell rather than grab pre-shelled nuts and eat them directly. Chewing on a stick of sugar-free mint gum can condition the brain to know when to stop eating, which limits the number of calories a person consumes. Another way to burn fat is to alternate between sprinting and jogging while exercising. It's recommended that an individual drink plenty of water throughout the day in order to feel full, according to Men's Fitness.

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