How Do You Burn Belly Fat Fast?


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To trim belly fat quickly, combine 30 minutes of vigorous exercise done five times per week with a high-fiber diet. For faster results, increase the intensity of the exercise while shortening its duration to 20 minutes, and exercise four times per week instead. Also, sleep six to seven hours and schedule time to relax to minimize stress.

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WebMD provides a broad guideline of activity and exercise suggestions. For those who are already fit and exercise regularly, jogging, biking and stationary rowing machines are excellent choices. For those who are starting to exercise for the first time, even brisk walking can provide significant results, so long as the heart rate increases enough to cause sweating.

The high-fiber diet is also crucial for losing weight. Incorporating an additional 10 grams of fiber per day into a diet helps maintain weight and slow down the buildup of visceral fat, another name for belly fat. Other diet tips include switching out unhealthy fats for monounsaturated fats that can increase satiety, leading to less calorie consumption overall. Another tip is to eat foods that rank low on the glycemic index, indicating that they are less likely to lead to blood sugar spikes and crashes and keep cortisol levels stable.

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