How Do You Burn 500 Calories?


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There are intense fitness routines designed to burn 500 calories in as little as 45 minutes. Alternatively, there are many 1-hour activities, such as high- or low-impact aerobics, running, swimming and sports, that also burn 500 or more calories.

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Body weight plays a role in how many calories are burned during an hour workout. For instance, high-impact aerobics for 1 hour burns approximately 533 calories for a 160-pound person, 664 calories for a 200-pound person, and 796 calories for a 240-pound person. Some of the workouts that burn at least 500 calories per hour for a 160-pound or heavier person are backpacking, playing basketball, football, ice skating, racquet ball, rollerblading and running 5 miles per hour.

Some activities and workouts burn much higher amounts of calories. Running 8 miles per hour burns approximately 867 calories for a 160-pound person. Jumping rope burns approximately 861 calories per hour. An hour spent on a stair treadmill burns approximately 657 calories. Vigorous swimming and Tae kwon do both burn over 700 calories per hour.

For a less-intense workout, based on a body weight of 160 pounds, low-impact aerobics, hiking, golfing, and moderate effort on an elliptical trainer all burn over 300 calories per hour.

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