Is a Bundle Branch Blockage of the Heart Treatable Without Surgery?


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A heart bundle branch blockage, which is a conduction disorder, may not require surgery or other type of treatment in most cases, relates the American Heart Association. Doctors will monitor the condition by having patients come in for regular checkups. However, if a person has a bundle branch blockage and another heart condition, then he or she may require some type of treatment, explains the Texas Heart Institute.

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A bundle branch blockage of the heart is a condition in which the electrical impulses do not travel through the heart correctly. These electrical impulses control a person's heartbeat. If these impulses are working properly, then they move down the left and right ventricle at the same speed, causing the contraction of both ventricles to occur at the same time. When there is a bundle branch blockage, one of the ventricles contracts at a slightly slower rate than normal, reports the Texas Heart Institute.

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