Why Do I Have Bumps on My Toes?

Pressure from ill-fitting shoes often causes bumps to develop on toes, according to Riverside Health System. A corn is a bump that develops on the top of a toe due to friction between the shoe and the toe.

A corn usually appears as a circular bump on the top of the toe. It is actually hard, thick, dead skin. The center is hard and gray and encircled by a ring of yellow, explains KidsHealth. Pressure on the toe from shoes that are too tight causes the corn to develop.

Using a pumice stone or urea cream on the corn can help remove the dead skin over time, states Woman's Day. Padding the area between the corn and the shoe with moleskin or other material can ease the friction that causes the corn. A podiatrist can remove painful corns surgically.

To prevent corns and other foot problems, it is essential to choose shoes that fit properly and do not cause crowding of the toes, notes Woman's Day. Foot size can change due to pregnancy; weight gain or loss; and other conditions, so it is wise to have feet measured by a professional before selecting shoes. Foot measurement is best done in the late afternoon because the feet expand later in the day.