What Does a Bump on the Cervix Mean?

According to Healthline and WebMD, a bump on the cervix can be a sign of a nabothian cyst, a cervical polyp or cervical cancer. Nabothian cysts are mucus-filled sacs that grow on the cervix wall and do not usually pose a health risk. Cervical polyps, growths that develop on the cervix, are usually benign and do not require treatment. Cervical cancer, however, which may pose a serious life risk.

Healthline adds that nabothian cysts are formed when the cervical glands that produce mucus become clogged due to being surrounded by skin cells. They are smooth and white or yellow in appearance and are usually asymptomatic. A woman should contact her doctor if experiencing abnormal bleeding between periods, pelvic pain or unusual vaginal discharge as these may be signs of cervical cancer.

According to WebMD, cervical polyps may appear as a result of chronic inflammation, abnormally high estrogen levels, or blood vessel congestion inside the canal of the cervix. They may cause abnormal vaginal bleeding, which is not associated with the woman's periods. Cervical polyps usually appear in women who have had several pregnancies and may be surgically removed during a pelvic exam. Cervical cancer is usually caused by the HPV virus. Chances of recovery are high when this disease is diagnosed in its early stages, usually during a Pap test.