How Do You Build Strength?


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One can build strength by performing exercises that target multiple major muscle groups and eating a diet that is high in protein and calories so that muscles can recover. This form of training is considered an advanced form of muscle building, as the muscles are already developed.

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There are seven natural strength movements that the body performs well: pushing and pulling in both vertical and horizontal directions, squatting, lifting from the ground and carrying, according to Muscle and Strength. Most strength training workouts include lifts that mimic these movements. These lifts include Olympic lifting, rows, variations of both the bench press and deadlift, military press and push press.

Using the aforementioned lifts, a low repetition, heavy weight scheme is typically advised. This usually means performing no more than five repetitions in a single set. There are several popular lifting programs, such as the 5/3/1 approach, but most programs recommend giving muscles at least a day to recover.

In addition to lifting, someone seeking to build muscle should monitor food intake for items like calories, protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Determining caloric intake requires a person to establish a basal metabolic rate. For protein intake, 180 to 200 grams is considered sufficient for most lifters.

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