How Do You Build Stamina?


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Build stamina by working out until you are fatigued. Your capacity for cardiovascular endurance increases when you reach your max heart rate. To build stamina during your strength training, use a weight that is challenging for you, slowly complete each repetition, and continue doing reps until you are fatigued.

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If you are not consistent with your exercise regimen, you are not going to increase your stamina. Set up a training schedule that includes both cardiovascular and strengthening workouts to get the best results. Exercises such as squat jumps and burpees are ideal because they increase both strength and endurance.

Find your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. Use interval training to avoid taxing your body by training at a high intensity for a few minutes with a resting period that allows your heart rate to return to normal in between intervals. This challenges your body more than working out at a medium intensity for a long period of time, and resting decreases the likelihood of injuring yourself and reduces the amount of wear on your joints.

Proper nutrition also helps you build your stamina. Without sufficient carbs, you do not have the energy you need to work out at a high intensity.

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