How Do You Build Pectorals?


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Build pectorals by the routine of maintaining a proper diet, performing a variety of pectoral exercises, stretching pectoral muscles and getting an adequate amount of rest. Similar to building any type of muscle, successfully building pectorals requires performing the routine on a regular basis.

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  1. Maintain a high-quality diet

    Consume a nutritious, high-quality diet to build pectorals. Start by eating a highly nutritious breakfast, followed by a high-protein lunch. Consume high-protein snacks throughout the day, after your workout and before bed. Maintain proper hydration throughout the day.

  2. Warm up

    Prior to working out your pectoral muscles, warm up properly by performing aerobic exercises. Use aerobic machines that designed for warmups if you have them available at the gym.

  3. Perform decline pectoral exercises

    Start with decline pectoral exercises in order to work out unused muscle fibers. Options for decline workouts include the decline bench press or decline dumbbell flyes.

  4. Perform flat-level pectoral exercises

    Following decline pectoral workouts, perform flat-level pectoral exercises. Use heavier weights than you used for the incline exercises so as to trigger muscle growth. Examples of flat-level exercises are the bench press, dumbbell press and standard chest flyes.

  5. Rest

    Get adequate sleep in order to build muscle, ideally seven to nine hours per night. Allow muscles to recover properly before performing the exercises again.

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