How Do You Build Your Lower Abs?


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Lower abs can be built by crunching this portion down hard as per every repetition. You can also try to incorporate other exercises that target lower abs like reverse crunches and hanging leg raises.

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Strengthening and building your lower abs can't be done by exercise alone. Having a balanced diet also plays an important role to tone your body the way you want it. As a tip, it would be better if you consume foods that contain a little amount of calories while keeping the consumption of protein above one gram per pound daily.

Do not perform exercises that target the lower abs too quickly as this will only lessen muscular control, increase the momentum and usage of muscles that should not be actually used. For best results, doing exercises that works the lower abs is needed to be done in a controlled and slow manner. The slower and more controlled you are, the better.

Upon performing exercises, it is necessary for you to feel that the muscles in your abdominal muscles are working. If you feel like the other muscles are working more than the ones in your lower abs, then you need to stop for a bit and take a rest. See to it that every exercise makes every part your muscles work and do not just focus on one area. You feel any pain at the lower part of your back, stop immediately as you may be doing the exercise incorrectly which may lead to further damage to your body structure.

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