How Do You Build Endurance?

How Do You Build Endurance?

To build endurance, gradually increase the distance and speed of your runs, incorporate interval and high intensity training, and rest between workouts to aid recovery and improve performance. On rest days, work on strength training, or try other cardiovascular exercises.

  1. Build endurance gradually

    Whether you are new to running or a veteran, gradually increasing your speed and distance improves endurance. If you can only run in one-minute spurts, run for one minute, then walk for two or three minutes. Repeat these intervals for 30 to 45 minutes. Over time, gradually decrease the walking time while increasing the running time. For experienced runners, slowly add distance to your workouts. Try adding a half mile or mile to each day for a week, and then increase the distance again the next week.

  2. Incorporate interval training and high intensity workouts

    On regular running days, run at about 80 percent of your racing speed. Once a week, add a high-intensity day, and complete a run at 90 to 100 percent of your racing speed. On another day, try an interval workout, and complete a run sprinting for a specific interval, such as a half mile, and then run at your regular pace for another interval. Alternate back and forth between sprinting and running at your regular pace.

  3. Rest and cross train

    Run three to five days a week. On off days, relax and do stretching exercises, or try other activities. To avoid injury and increase endurance, rest and non-running days are necessary.