How Do You Build Abs Fast?


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Drinking 16 ounces of water after waking up is a good way to lose weight and attain abs, according to Active.com. Start with a protein shake or meal that contains at approximately 250 calories. A low-fat diet reveals more muscle tone in the body. Replace simple sugars with complex carbohydrates, such as pasta and whole-grain breads. Protein builds the muscles during training. Weight lifting and high-intensity interval exercises build abs.

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Getting plenty of sleep is beneficial to weigh loss and body building. Training with weights three times a week, with a day of rest in between, is a suitable workout plan to follow. According to Men's Health, interval training should be done in between weight training. Interval training exercises include swimming, jogging, running or cycling. These types of exercises are cardio-based, and they burn additional fat.

The heart rate must be heightened for a minimum of 20 minutes so the body can start to burn stored fat. The body burns food energy during the first 20 minutes. To achieve the best results, perform 30 minutes of exercise that elevate the heart at least three times a week.

Fitday explains that lower-abdominal exercises, such as pelvic tilts and leg lifts, are productive ways of sculpting abs. Upper-abdominal workouts, such as stomach crunches, are an important part of trying to forge abs. Middle-abdominal exercises are crucial, and one exercise that works the mid-section includes mimicking the motions of riding a bike when on the floor, which is otherwise known as the bicycle exercise.

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