How Do I Get Buff Quickly?

How Do I Get Buff Quickly?

If you want to get buff fast, clearly define your goals, and chart your progress by keeping a fitness journal. Make adjustments to your diet by increasing your caloric intake. Foods that are rich in protein and those that are high in vitamins and minerals can increase muscle mass and overall strength. Exercise regularly, and include routines that focus on specific muscle groups to tone your body.

  1. Set your goals

    Focus on the muscle groups you want to tone, and think about the way you want your body to look. This will help you eliminate exercises that aren't part of your fitness plan and help you reach your goals quicker. Keep a fitness journal so you can chart your progress.

  2. Adjust your diet

    Increase your calories to bulk up, and start building muscle. Increase the protein in your diet, and eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Drink plenty of water to keep your muscles hydrated.

  3. Exercise your muscles

    Exercises like the calf raise squat, which tones your leg muscles, will help you get buff quickly, according to Cosmopolitan. Additional exercises that improve your muscle tone include standing leg extensions and the low plank. Straight leg raises and thigh lifts can define the muscles as well. Exercises like pullups, deadlifts and shoulder presses can help increase muscle mass in your upper body.