What Is a Buckle Fracture of the Wrist?


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A buckle fracture of the wrist is a compression fracture in the forearm bones near the wrist, in which one of the two bones bends toward the other bone, CVS Pharmacy explains. The radius is usually the bone affected, and the injury is more common in children because their bones are more bendable and soft. This fracture usually occurs when a person falls on an outstretched arm, but can also occur because of a direct blow to the wrist.

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Buckle fractures often cause pain in the wrist or forearm, which may or may not be accompanied by swelling, CVS Pharmacy says. Other possible symptoms include tingling, limited movement, a bowed-out appearance, numbness and bruising. Activities such as skateboarding, biking or contact sports make this injury more likely. Health conditions such as vitamin D deficiency or certain types of tumors also make buckle fractures of the wrist more likely.

Doctors diagnose buckle fractures with medical imaging such as ultrasound or X-ray scans, according to CVS Pharmacy. Once doctors diagnose the fracture, they apply a cast or splint to keep the bone in the correct position to heal. The bone fracture can take up to four weeks to heal completely, and recovery may require special exercises to restore full range of motion.

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