What Is a Buckle Fracture?


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A buckle fracture is an injury where the bone is buckled, twisted, and weakened but not completely broken. It is a compression fracture on one side of a bone that causes the bone to bend or buckle toward the damaged side, according to CVS Pharmacy.

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Also known as torus fracture, this injury is common among children within 5 to 10 years of age because their bones are still soft at this stage. Children usually get this injury by falling on an outstretched hand, according to About Health.

Buckle fractures are treated by placing a cast on the injured part. In some cases, an immobilizing splint is used, and the patient is required to take a period of rest and immobilisation. Buckle fractures tend to heal more quickly that other fractures, according to About Health. The healing period usually takes three to four weeks. Children should periodically see the pediatrician throughout the healing process.

Symptoms for fractures may include pain on the injured part, with or without swelling. Other symptoms include tingling, numbness or bruising. It is advisable to bring children to their pediatricians once symptoms arise. Young bones don't necessarily need to be in perfect alignment, explains healthychildren.org. Fractured bones usually remodel as they grow.

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