How Do You Know If You Have Broken Knuckles?


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Symptoms of broken knuckles, or boxer's fracture, include swelling, pain and deformity of the hand, according to WebMD. A person may also see abnormal movements in the hand around the knuckles.

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If suspecting broken knuckles, medical care is necessary, explains WebMD. Most injuries of the hand require an X-ray, and the doctor may ask about the occurrence of the injury. The doctor may touch the fingers and hands to determine where the break or breaks are, and may ask if the hand can get into a fist position. This helps to determine the location of the injury and if the ligament has a tear in addition to the break.

If there is a break in the hand, the doctor immobilizes it with a splint or cast, states WebMD. The doctor may prescribe medications to help with pain, and if the break is moderate or severe, she may advise the patient to see an orthopedic doctor for follow-up care. It is necessary to follow the instructions from the doctor for proper healing, and to take the pain medication as the doctor instructs.

If there is an open wound accompanying the broken knuckles, the doctor must clean the wound and cover it, claims WebMD. When treating the injury at home following the visit to the doctor, it is crucial to keep the wound clean and to take over-the-counter medication for pain.

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