What Does a Broken Bone Feel Like?

When someone breaks a bone, the degree of pain felt can depend on factors such as the type of fracture and location. For example, a hairline fracture may not cause much pain, but a more severe break can cause a symptom like shock in some people, notes Sutter Health: Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

There are different classifications of bone fractures. Some types of breaks can include hairline, complete, single, comminuted and open fractures, states KidsHealth. An open fracture occurs when the bone breaks and goes through the skin. Although bone fractures most often affect the limbs, it can happen to any bone in the body.

Besides pain, some other symptoms of a broken bone are bruising, inflammation, feeling dizzy and inability to move the affected bone or body part, notes Medical News Today. When the femur or pelvic bone is broken, symptoms can be looking pale and being nauseous. Treatment of a bone fracture can depend on the specific fracture type.