How Do You Broaden Your Shoulders?


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According to Rob Fitzgerald of Muscle & Fitness, people can broaden shoulders by developing traps with barbell shrugs and then keeping lats evenly developed with a balanced dumbbell raise attack. Fitzgerald notes that shoulders can be progressively broadened without pain by using specific exercises.

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How Do You Broaden Your Shoulders?
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Fitzgerald recommends completing three or four sets of at least 20 reps of shrugs to help build mass. Next, complete rear, side and delta for 10 reps each. Each of these three exercises should be completed one after the other with no break in between. Use minimal elbow bend and lighter dumbbells for these exercises. Fitzgerald advises finishing the workout with a military press. Use moderate amounts of weight for these presses and concentrate on using shoulders instead of legs to lift up. Perform four sets of eight lifts, and lock out the bar from the top of the head at the top of the lift.

According to fitness and education writer Brandi Junious for AZCentral, diet can impact attempts to broaden shoulders. Increase intake of carbohydrates and protein while reducing the intake of fat. Overall calorie consumption should be increased to add size to the body while broadening shoulders. Junious notes that it takes 3,500 calories to add an additional pound to the body but that these calories must be low in fat.

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