What Are the Best Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics?


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Breakfast is vital for diabetics, and the best breakfast foods have a low glycemic index so that blood sugar does not spike throughout the morning or early afternoon, according to Everyday Health. A bowl of whole-grain, low-sugar cereal with skim milk or bagel thins with nonfat cream cheese are healthy examples.

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What Are the Best Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics?
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The best breakfasts for diabetes are high in fiber, protein and healthy fat but low in sugar, particularly the refined variety. Spreading nonfat cream cheese on top of bagel thins is a much better idea for diabetics than using traditional bagels because of the extra carbs that normal bagels contain, notes Everyday Health.

Diabetics can eat cereal as long as it's full of fiber instead of sugar. Many low-sugar varieties are available, and oatmeal, farina or grits are also healthy choices. Instead of loading up on sugar and/or butter, it's helpful to use fresh fruit or artificial sweeteners as a topping. Scrambled eggs and toast are another healthy option for diabetics, particularly when using a heart-healthy cooking spray. An egg or two scrambled with whole wheat toast that has sugar-free jam, a light butter substitute or low-fat cream cheese on it makes a healthy breakfast for diabetics, according to Everyday Health.

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