What Breakfast Foods Are High in Protein?

Breakfast foods that are high in protein include bacon, eggs and sausage. Pork bacon contains 3 grams of protein per one 8-gram slice when pan-fried. Bacon is usually cut from the back or side of the pig in Europe and from the belly in the United States.

Though eggs are fairly high in cholesterol, they are also rich in high-quality protein. One egg contains 7 grams of protein. Besides the protein, eggs also contain fats, iron and carotenoids, which are substances that support eye health. Eggs are also high in vitamins. The nutritional content of an egg is also influenced by how the hens that laid them are raised. Some farmers now feed chickens such things as flaxseed, sea vegetables, vitamin E and marigold extract to make sure the eggs are abundant in heart-disease-fighting omega-3 fatty acids.

One ounce of pork sausage contains 5 grams of protein. Sausage is made out of ground meat encased in a skin. Often, the skin is the cleaned intestine of the animal, or it may be synthetic. Sausage can be made of pork, beef, turkey, chicken or lamb. Nearly every country on earth has its own version of sausage. There are even vegetarian sausages made from soy products.