What Are Some Brands of Portable Bladder Scanners?


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Brands of portable bladder scanners include BladderScan, BioCon and QuickScan. Verathon owns the BladderScan brand, The Prometheus Group owns QuickScan, and BioCon is its own company.

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Available BladderScan products include the BVI 9400, for use with both adults and children, and the BVI 6400, which is a handheld scanner that has the ability to record a doctor's voice for annotation, notes Verathon. BioCon has the CUBEscan 700, which features a full-color LED display, and the BioCon-500, which has a printer attached, explains Medline. The QuickScan bladder ultrasound features a thermal printer, frequencies and depths for adults and children and the ability to store documents and images, notes The Prometheus Group.

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