What Brands Offer Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ10 Supplements?

What Brands Offer Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ10 Supplements?

Solaray, sold by Amazon, Natural Healthy Concepts and other retailers and Q-Sorb, sold by stores that include Puritan's Pride and Nature's Bounty are some of brands offering red yeast rice with CoQ10 supplements. Wakanagu's Kyolic, a brand available at iHerb and other retailers also offers CoQ10-supplemented red yeast rice.

Brands such as Nature's Plus, available at Drugstore.com, NutriGold, sold by Nutrigold.com and Red Yeast Plus CoQ10, sold by Natural Wellbeing offer CoQ10-supplemented rice. Other retailers offering the product include eBay, the Better Health Store, Vitamin Shoppe and Vitamin World.

Red yeast rice is used to treat indigestion and diarrhea, notes WebMD. The product is also used for reducing elevated levels of cholesterol and for improving blood circulation. Red yeast rice is also used to keep cholesterol at healthy levels.

Red yeast rice is made by culturing a variety of yeast known as Monascus purpureus on rice, explains WebMD. The culturing process is conducted under carefully controlled conditions in order to maximize concentrations of those substances that lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

Coenzyme Q10, better known as CoQ10 occurs naturally in the body and plays a role in the conversion of food into energy, explains the University of Maryland Medical Center. Found in virtually all cells of the body, the substance is a potent antioxidant. Good dietary sources of CoQ10 include whole grains, liver, tuna and salmon. The substance is also available in supplement form.