What Are Some Brands of All-Natural Muscle Relaxers?


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Two brands that produce all-natural muscle relaxers, as of 2015, are Metagenics and MRM. Metagenics manufactures MyoCalm, a supplement that contains calcium and magnesium to support proper muscle contraction and relaxation. The supplement also contains valerian root and passionflower to enhance relaxation, explains Metagenics. MRM manufactures Relax-ALL, a combination of herbs and amino acids that support muscle relaxation and encourage healthy, restful sleep, according to the company's website.

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Chamomile is another effective natural remedy that relaxes muscles and reduces spasms, according to Healthline. Individuals can obtain the benefits of chamomile by consuming chamomile tea, taking chamomile supplements or rubbing chamomile oil directly on the affected muscles. Taking vitamin D supplements may also help decrease muscle spasms, specifically if the individual is deficient in vitamin D.

Cherry juice and blueberries are two foods that contain antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties that naturally help muscles relax, states Healthline. Cayenne pepper contains a natural muscle relaxant called capsaicin. Individuals can add cayenne pepper to their food or take it in capsule form. Cayenne pepper also comes as a cream that individuals can apply directly to the affected muscles.

Allowing adequate rest, getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water are other natural ways to relax muscles and reduce spasms. Heating pads or ice packs usually calm muscle spasms immediately, notes Healthline.

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