What Brands of Mouthwash Kill the Most Germs?

Some of the best brands of mouthwash, most of which have germ-killing properties, are Listerine, BreathRx, Rembrandt and Act, as of 2016. Other highly rated brands include Scope and Crest, according to DentalCareMatters.

Listerine is one of the top recommended mouthwashes by dentists. This brand of mouthwash also fights tooth decay and gum disease, states DentalCareMatters. BreathRx mouth wash is formulated to kill bacteria, fight bad breath and gum disease. This product is alcohol-free, which is a good option for people who find alcohol solutions to be too harsh. However, it also doesn't contain fluoride and is not used for fighting cavities. Rembrandt mouthwash is free of alcohol, but still has fluoride in it.