What Brands of Mouthwash Are Available for People With Sensitive Teeth?


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As of 2014, some brands of mouthwash that are available for sensitive teeth include Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, ACT Total Care Sensitive Formula and Listerine Total Care Sensitive. Each of these products reduces sensitivity over time, freshens breath, kills germs and protects tooth enamel.

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Tooth sensitivity can result from several factors, including a chipped or broken tooth, a cavity, recent dental procedures, worn tooth enamel or exposed tooth roots. Treatment for sensitive teeth should begin with a visit to a dentist, who can find the exact problem leading to tooth sensitivity and provide treatment. Possible procedures include applying fluoride, bonding resin to exposed roots, grafting gum tissue onto exposed root surfaces or performing a root canal.

At home, making small changes may prevent further tooth or gum sensitivity. Using a soft toothbrush, brushing gently and flossing carefully reduces enamel erosion. If tooth grinding is an issue, a store-bought mouth guard or a guard purchased from a dentist should be used. It is recommended to avoid acidic foods and drinks, such as soda, lemonade, orange juice, citrus fruits, yogurt and wine, that wear down tooth enamel and can lead to sensitivity. When consuming acidic drinks, it's best to use a straw and brush teeth immediately afterwards when possible. Toothpastes for treating sensitivity are also available over the counter.

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