What Are Some Brands of Eye Drops for Mucus?

Some brands of eye drops for eye mucus, also known as eye discharge, are Similasan, GenTeal and Well at Walgreens. All of these eye drops are available from Amazon.com or various retail stores.

Similasan's Irritated Eye Relief Drops provide relief for multiple symptoms, including watery discharge. The formula can be used alone or in conjunction with prescription eye drops. This brand doesn't contain harsh chemicals and is safe for extended use, according to the manufacturer. There are no known side effects associated with using these eye drops, and they don't sting or burn.

GenTel's Severe Dry Eye Relief is a gel eye drop that relieves symptoms of watery discharge and other eye problems. This line of eye drops is preservative free and protects the eyes just like normal tears, advertises the manufacturer.

Well at Walgreens is Walgreens' store brand. This is a multi-relief eye drop formula that prevents watery discharge from the eyes. It relieves burning, dryness and redness, according to Walgreens.

Eye mucus is normally produced by the eyes, and it keeps the eyes lubricated between blinks. When the eyes produce too much of it or tears don't wash it away, it accumulates in the inner corners of the eyes.