What Are Some Brands of Asthma Inhalers?


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Some brands of asthma inhalers that include corticosteroids are Asmanex, Alvesco, Flovent, Pulmicort and Symbicort, reports WebMD. Inhaled corticosteroids treat inflammation in the bronchial tubes and are a long-term treatment for asthma.

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Patients must use the Asmanex Twisthaler daily for it to be effective, notes WebMD. It cannot ease a sudden asthma attack. Side effects include dry throat and coughing. Symbicort contains budesonide and formoterol. It treats asthma and lung conditions such as chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Symbicort opens the airways to make breathing easier and reduces irritation. Doctors prescribe corticosteroid inhalers to children, teens and adults with mild persistent to severe persistent asthma.

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