What Are Some Brand Names of Antibiotics?


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Brand names of newer antibiotics include Factive, Teflaro, Vibativ, Dificid and Cubicin, according to eMedExpert. Some brand names of various penicillins are Trimox, Amoxil, Totacillin, Cloxapen and Spectrobid. Sometimes several brand names are grouped under a single generic name. For instance, there are four different brands of amoxicillin, a particular type of penicillin.

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There are many different kinds of antibiotics, and all of them are intended to fight bacterial infections by preventing bacterial reproduction or by killing the bacteria, says MedlinePlus. Antibiotics are not effective against infections caused by viruses and may, in fact, be more detrimental than beneficial. Bacteria sometimes evolve and gain the ability to resist a particular antibiotic, which is called antibiotic resistance. When taking antibiotics, it's important to finish the entire course of treatment to prevent the survival of any bacteria and any subsequent repeat infection.

Sometimes the best treatment for an illness is treating the symptoms rather than taking antibiotics, notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An effective way to avoid the need for antibiotics is by getting vaccinated. Taking antibiotics prescribed for someone else or saving part of an antibiotic prescription for another time is not recommended because this might cause severe side effects and delay proper treatment. Any leftover antibiotics should be properly disposed.

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