What Brand of Lidocaine Patches Gets the Best Reviews?

As of 2015, Bolego Pain-Relieving Patches, which contain 4 percent lidocaine, have good reviews on Amazon.com, with the product scoring four out of five stars based on 29 customer reviews. Another product, the Lido-Flex back patch, which also contains 4 percent lidocaine, scored three stars based on one review on Amazon.com.

Lidoderm is prescription-strength, brand-name lidocaine patch available in the United States. It contains 5 percent lidocaine, a local anesthetic that interferes with the transmission of nerve signals, explains MedicineNet. It is also available in generic form.

Lidoderm is used primarily for the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia, or after-shingles pain, states Endo Pharmaceuticals. The company does not provide customer reviews, but it states that the patch performs statistically better in relieving pain, based on clinical trials, than a placebo or no treatment at all.

When using a lidocaine patch, it is important to apply it only to intact skin. Placing a patch on broken skin, wearing too many patches, or wearing a patch for too long, may result in symptoms of an overdose, explains MedlinePlus. These symptoms include dizziness, nervousness, blurred vision, confusion or ringing in the ears. Nausea or vomiting, twitching, seizures, a slow heartbeat and loss of consciousness may also occur. Skin reactions, such as burning, itching, or redness of the skin under the patch have been reported as well.