Are Bran Muffins Good for You?

While most bran muffins are made with healthy ingredients, portion size contributes to their high-calorie content, according to Cooking Light. Some bran muffins may top 350 calories.

Those sold at popular food chains also have a high sodium content, with as much as 600 milligrams of sodium in one muffin, or around one-third of the maximum daily requirement.

Bran muffins may also be high in fat, sugar and calories, as noted by Greatist. Because of their large portion sizes, brands such as the Honey Raisin Bran muffin sold at Dunkin' Donuts are about 440 calories, in contrast to the Bavarian Kreme donut, which has 270 calories. Store-bought bran muffins may also be loaded with sugar. For example, Starbuck’s Apple Bran muffin contains 34 grams of sugar, or the equivalent of 17 sugar packets. Muffins that have dried fruit or nuts as added ingredients may have even higher calorie counts and sugar counts.

Home-made bran muffins that are portion- and ingredient-controlled may be a viable alternative. Bran itself is healthy and is rich in omega, protein, fiber and minerals, states Greatist. Choosing healthy muffin recipes is a way to cut down on fat, sugar and sodium.