How Are Brain Tumors Treated?


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Most brain tumors are treated through a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, according to UCSF Medical Center. Brain tumors are treated differently depending upon the size and the location of the tumor as well as whether or not the tumor is cancerous and the patient's individual medical history.

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Doctors that have patients with brain tumors will first perform a variety of tests to learn as much about the tumor as they can, as well as to record a thorough medical history for the patient. This helps the team of doctors decide upon the best treatment options for the patient, reports the National Brain Tumor Society. Ultimately, the final treatment plan must be decided upon by the patient.

If the tumor is considered non-cancerous or is of a low grade, such as grade I or grade II, then the doctors will recommend either a surgical procedure or a system of close monitoring. Tumors that are cancerous or are of a higher grade, such as grade III and grade IV, often require combinations of drugs and surgery.

In some cases, doctors will even recommend clinical trials. It is not yet known why brain tumors exist or where they originate from, so there is little that a person can do to prevent a brain tumor other than avoid head radiation as a child, as this seems to lead to tumors later in life, states WebMD.

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