How Is Brain Cancer Treated?


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Treatment of brain cancer is usually a challenging task that may involve different methods, including chemotherapy, surgical operation and radiation therapy. Most brain cancer cancers may require more than one of these methods. Treatment tends to vary from a patient to another depending on age, tumor location, tumor size and other additional health conditions.

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Treatment of brain cancer may involve several health care professionals, such as radiation oncologists, neurosurgeons, oncologist and primary health care providers, as stated by WebMD. Most cases will require a surgical operation to confirm the presence ofa tumor or to get rid of the tumor. If the tumor is benign, it may be removed to clear up the condition.

Before a surgical operation, various medications and procedures may be required to ensure the success of the surgery. Radiation therapy is commonly recommended for patients who cannot undergo a surgery. In some cases, it may be used following a surgical procedure to kill any remaining tumor cells. This procedure does not cause harm to the cells in the brain.

Chemotherapy involves the use of powerful medication to control brain cancer. Depending on the condition of a patient, one or several medications may be used. The medications are usually give in cycles which last for several weeks.

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