How Do You Take Braces Off Your Teeth at Home?

Orthodontic patients should never attempt to remove their braces on their own at home, according to iDentity Orthodontics. Attempts at doing so can result in chipped teeth, which are unattractive and more susceptible to infections and tooth loss. Doing so is also painful and results in wasted money.

Braces removal requires proper dental tools and expertise, explains When it comes time to remove braces, an orthodontist uses a special type of medical-grade pliers to fracture the bonding material holding each bracket onto its respective tooth. After the orthodontist pops off a bracket, a layer of bonding material still remains on the tooth, and the orthodontist must carefully remove the plastic with pliers or a handpiece that polishes away the plastic. In some cases, the orthodontist applies a polishing disc to the tooth after this step to finish smoothing out the enamel where the plastic bonding was once attached.

Individuals who attempt to remove their braces on their own may wind up with dental problems down the road as a result, warns iDentity Orthodontics. If a tooth chips in the process, it's more prone to cavities and more likely to require a root canal in the future. If the damage to the tooth is especially severe, bone loss surrounding the tooth is also a risk.