How Do You Get Braces?


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Visit a dentist to complete necessary dental care prior to getting braces. See an orthodontist for a consultation visit, and go to your braces appointment to have the braces put on.

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How Do You Get Braces?
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  1. Visit a dentist

    Before getting braces, the dentist evaluates your teeth to determine whether or not you have cavities, need your wisdom teeth removed, need your teeth cleaned, or require extractions. Your dentist can refer you to an orthodontist and provide the orthodontist with your dental records prior to your consultation.

  2. See an orthodontist for a consultation

    During your consultation, the orthodontist examines your teeth. Discuss your options for braces and orthodontic treatment during the consultation, and get a cost estimate for the braces. The orthodontist may recommend extractions, that you see an oral surgeon for jaw correction, or that you wear spacers between your teeth for a period of time before getting braces.

  3. Go to your braces appointment

    At your braces appointment, the orthodontist puts a conditioner on your teeth, followed by a special bonding agent. Next, he secures the brackets to each tooth. Once the brackets are on, a wire is threaded through the brackets and tightened.

  4. Follow the instructions to care for your braces

    Follow your orthodontist’s instructions for eating and caring for your braces. Return for scheduled appointments to have your braces adjusted and the wires tightened or changed.

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