What Is Boxercise?


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Boxercise incorporates workouts done by boxers, including shadow boxing, skipping rope, punching bags, kicking bags, sit-ups, shuttle runs and push-ups, according to The Guardian. Classes do not involve physically hitting another person in any way. Former boxing champion Clinton McKenzie runs his own gym and told The Guardian that clients who attend classes three times per week are completely fit in three months.

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What Is Boxercise?
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The benefits of boxercise are numerous. Anyone can participate regardless of gender or skill level, and boxing exercises release tension and relieves stress. Additionally, focusing on boxercise increases discipline for sharper mental focus, according to The Guardian.

Athletes of many skill sets benefit from boxercise. BBC Sport Academy explains that these intense workouts benefit players of rugby, cricket, rowing, boxing and any sport that requires upper body strength. Boxercise focuses on upper body conditioning of the chest, abs, arms and shoulders. Some kick boxing routines help the legs and hips.

The Guardian reveals that boxercise started in the United Kingdom in the early 1990s and grew into thousands of classes in gyms across Britain. Different forms of the same basic exercise format include boxercise, boxfit, body combat and boxing combat, all of which feature focused workouts without physical combat. Boxercise's official organization explains that more than 1.2 million Britons utilize some kind of boxing workout for cross-training purposes.

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