What Is Bowen Therapy?


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Bowen Therapy is a holistic approach and hands-on therapy that helps in relieving pain, notes the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia. Australia native Tom Bowen developed this technique in the 1950s, but its actual origins are unclear. He developed the method while working as a masseur in football clubs.

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The therapy works by stimulating specific receptors in the body that enable the body itself to restore homeostasis and correct dysfunctions. It mainly focuses on treating the cause of pain rather than the symptoms. There is no use of force no manipulation of the hard tissue during the treatment. Bowen Therapy does not depend on a detailed diagnosis of the condition, but treats the whole body, notes the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia. It has also helped people with problems such as stress, lack of energy and emotional issues.

Bowen Therapy is based on the theory that tender moves over precise points of the body can prompt the body to relieve pain without extensive treatment options. Back issues are the most common problem that make people seek Bowen Therapy. The average number of treatments that patients require to feel better is three to four, states the European College of Bowel Studies Ltd. Some cases require further and ongoing treatments.

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