Is Botox a Good Alternative to Surgery for a Turkey Neck?


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Botox injections are a useful therapy for improving the appearance of the neck in early stages of turkey neck, reports Remington Laser Dermatology Centre. Botox injections are recommended for individuals who do not want to undergo surgery or wish to postpone surgical intervention.

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Botox is a popular treatment for aging necks because no down time is required after treatments, according to Remington Laser Dermatology Centre. Initially, Botox is injected into the neck up to three times a year, but the frequency of injections is reduced as the muscles in the neck become accustomed to the therapy. There are minimal side effects of Botox therapy, but some patients may experience temporary neck weakness, tenderness and bruising. The effects of Botox alone on moderately aged necks is minimal.

Other non-surgical treatments for aging necks include Photorejuvination and Thermalift, adds Remington Laser Dermatology Centre. Photorejuvination is often used in conjunction with Botox therapy to significantly improve moderately aged necks, as the photo therapy reduces the appearance of sun damaged skin. Photorejuvination usually requires five treatments at three to four week intervals. Thermalift uses radio frequency energy to tighten deeper layers of skin in the face and neck. This energy specifically targets and stimulates collagen-producing layers. The effects of Thermalift may take several months to appear, but many patients get significant results from one treatment.

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