Why Are Boot Camp Programs Effective?


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Fitness boot camp programs are effect because they encompass circuit, cardiovascular, endurance and resistance training. The programs also often use innovative workouts and the trainers provide personal attention to each participant.

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Many types of boot camps are available, including those that focus on cardiovascular endurance, strength or martial arts training. Boot camps may transition from one element to the next, or blend them together in one workout. Workouts begin with a warm up and end with a cool down period. Flexibility exercises, such as those from yoga or Pilates, are often included as well.

Boot camps tend to be lower in cost than hiring a personal trainer, since the cost is shared among multiple participants. The instructor may also provide fitness and nutritional information, either before, during or after the workout. The quality of boot camps vary based on the instructor, who must be knowledgeable and motivational. The group setting in a boot camp can also motivate participants by surrounding them with other people trying to improve. This challenges each participant to do better.

Boot camps are designed to accommodate different fitness levels, so participants may need to make adjustments to get an effective workout. The exercises performed typically don't require much equipment, so they can be performed outside of the boot camp.

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