How Do You Boost Your White Blood Cell Count?

A healthy diet and physician prescribed medication are two ways you can stimulate your white blood cell count. White blood cells are major contributors when it comes to fighting off germs that cause illness, making a deficiency of these cells detrimental to your health, says RenegadeHealth.

A low white blood cell count often appears when the body is fighting against an illness like cancer or hepatitis. RenegadeHealth explains that allowing the cell count to remain dangerously low increases your susceptibility to sickness and infections. However, consumption of nutrient rich food and doctor prescribed medication can assist the body in bringing the body's cell count back up to where it needs to be.

RengegadeHealth suggests eating foods containing folic acid to help boost the white cell count. This vitamin can be found in citrus fruits as well as in spinach and beans. The consumption of probiotic rich foods like yogurt is also recommended in order to multiply infection-fighting cells.

Although a healthy diet is vital when it comes to boosting white cell count, MayoClinic says that medication from your physician can play a vital role as well. These medications help to multiply the body's white blood cell count. However, use of medications needs to be under a doctor's supervision due to the fact that, though they have the ability to assist the body in fighting infection, they also harbor possible health risks.