What Are Bone Spurs in the Neck?

Bone spurs on the neck are the result of the growth of bone on one or more of the vertebrae in the cervical spine, according to Spine-Health. Known as osteophytes, these smooth bony growths often occur with aging and are more common in people over age 60.

Spine-Health explains that bone spurs in the neck affect the nerves and other structures around the growth resulting in a variety of symptoms such as dull or radiating neck pain, stiffness, tingling and weakness. Cedars-Sinai notes that advancing age is the leading cause of bone spurs, although heredity, diet and prior injury contribute to the condition. Treatment depends on the severity of the condition, and for moderate cases, cortisone injections, pain-relieving drugs and physical therapy usually provide relief. In the most severe cases, surgery may be necessary, as explained by Cedars-Sinai.