How Are Bone Spurs on the Feet Surgically Removed?


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Surgeons make a small incision and remove the bone spur from the joint or part of the foot where it grew. The precise surgical procedure varies depending on the spot on the foot where the spur started to grow, as stated by Fairview Health Services.

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Bone spurs form on the toe, at the joint in the middle of the foot or on the back of the heel. This extra growth of bone can make wearing shoes and walking extremely painful. In many cases, patients manage the condition without undergoing surgery, but when these treatments do not work, surgery is the next option, according to Fairview Health Services.

When the spur is on the back of the heel, the doctor cuts off the spur and moves the Achilles tendon back to its normal position, as the bone growth generally moves the tension. The patient's foot goes into a cast and he has to rely on crutches for several weeks, as the foot cannot bear weight, notes Fairview Health Services.

When the spur grows from the joint at the middle of the foot, the spur can form on both sides of the joint. The surgeon takes out the spur in both areas. The patient can put his weight on the foot right after the procedure but has to wear a special surgical shoe for several weeks, states Fairview Health Services.

A bone spur on the toe only requires a small incision. The surgeon uses a special file or a small power rasp to smooth the bone. Afterward, he bandages the foot, but it can bear weight right away. Whether the patient wears a surgical shoe or not depends on the outcome of the procedure, as stated by Fairview Health Services.

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