What Is a Bone Bruise of the Elbow?


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According to The Epoch Times, a bone bruise of the elbow refers to the injury of the elbow bone where only a few of the trabeculae are affected. The three types of bone bruises are interosseous bruises, subchondral bruises and subperiosteal hematomas.

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What Is a Bone Bruise of the Elbow?
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The Epoch Times explains that bone bruises can cause swelling, pain and muscle dysfunction. The pain in bone bruises is more severe compared to a soft tissue bruise and lasts for several weeks to months. The inflammation includes fluids and blood that accumulate in the adjacent muscles and skin. If the bone bruise is located near a joint, the inflammation can also spread into the joint and cause discoloration. Moreover, the person might also experience tenderness on the bone. Bone bruises are diagnosed through magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, and not through an X-ray.

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