What Do You Do If a Boil Pops?


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Treatment for a popped boil focuses on keeping the area clean and preventing the spread of the infection, as well as ensuring that the area continues to drain properly. Rubbing alcohol and topical antibiotic ointments help contain the infection, according to WebMD.

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When a boil begins to drain, infected material can spread from the site of the infection to other areas. Secondary infections may also become an issue if the area is not kept clean. Treatment for this stage includes the application of rubbing alcohol to sterilize the area around the broken skin, as well as an application of antibacterial cream, according to WebMD. Antibacterial soap should be used to clean the area with warm water two or three times daily. A warm compress or sterile dressing may be applied between cleanings to keep the wound clear of foreign matter and bacteria.

If the area turns red or if red lines begin radiating from the site of the boil, a potentially dangerous secondary infection may have developed, warns WebMD. If this occurs, it is important to seek expert medical attention from a general practitioner or a dermatologist. At this point, prescription antibiotics may be needed to treat the infection properly.

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