What Do Bodybuilders Eat?


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Those training to compete as bodybuilders tend to favor egg whites, skinless chicken and turkey, whey protein powder and other high protein, low-fat foods. Bodybuilders focus on eating what those in the industry refer to as a "clean diet," which essentially involves consuming foods that are natural, unprocessed, lean and low in sugar, according to Muscle & Fitness magazine.

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What Do Bodybuilders Eat?
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Bodybuilding.com reports that egg whites serve as one of the purest forms of protein available, and as such are consumed by most bodybuilders. The body absorbs and readily utilizes the protein contained in egg whites, making them an efficient choice. Turkey and chicken are also good choices for bodybuilders as they are relatively low in fat and high in protein. Canned tuna works well for bodybuilders who are often on the go. When it comes to carbohydrates, bodybuilders eat foods that rank low on the glycemic index, such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes and legumes. Trainers urge bodybuilders to drink 10 liters of water per day to keep muscles working efficiently and to help flush out toxins.

While workouts are crucial in building muscle, nutrition plays an equally integral role, according to Muscle & Strength. Bodybuilders weigh themselves and have their body fat percentage measured regularly in order to know how to adjust their diets in terms of calories and portions accordingly; however, the types of foods they eat tend to remain the same.

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