What Is BodyBlast?

BodyBlast is a full-body workout that targets areas such as the shoulders, arms, back, chest, hips, thighs and buttocks. The exercises follow a format that allows for no rest in between. The tempo of the exercises fluctuates from slow to pulsing repetitions that allow for a more intense workout.

The exercises performed vary depending on a personal trainer's recommendations, but all BodyBlast workouts start with a 5-minute cardio session using a treadmill or elliptical machine. Before beginning each exercise, be sure to check for proper form and posture to help prevent injuries.

In this programs, there are eight super-sets with two exercises per set. Super-set one includes barbell squats and split squats, and super-set two includes step-ups and bent knee deadlifts. Super-set three includes hamstring rolls and hip extensions on a ball, and super-set four includes ball push-ups and chest fly with one arm. Super-set five includes bent over barbell rows and one-armed rows, and super-set 6 includes Arnold presses and lateral raises. Super-set seven includes incline bicep curls on a ball and barbell bicep curls, and super-set eight includes triceps push-ups and skull crushers.

If any of these exercises are unfamiliar, a personal trainer at most gyms can give instructions. A 5-minute cool down activity, such as yoga, stretching or low-impact cardio, is recommended. Remember to drink plenty of water to fuel muscles to prevent cramping and muscle fatigue.