What Are Some Body Wraps to Lose Weight?


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Body wraps that are touted to promote weight loss include those that contain algae, seaweed, parafango, paraffin, minerals, niacin, herbs, clay and compression. There are four main types of body wraps. They may be moisturizing and contain oils and lotions; detoxifying with ingredients like seaweed; tightly bonded materials meant to slim; or cellulite-targeting wraps that often use herbs in the mixture of ingredients.

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The effectiveness of body wraps for weight loss is a subject of debate. Most experts agree that the majority of the weight lost with a wrap is due to water loss. There can be a loss of a couple of inches from the body, but this effect is temporary and not the result of fat loss. The temporary effect of the skin and tissue appearing tighter usually lasts for a day or two.

It is recommended that long-term weight loss that is more dramatic in effect be accomplished through diet and exercise. The process of getting a body wrap includes a cleansing of the skin before applying materials and wraps. Originally consisting of mostly linens, modern wraps include plastic and thermal blankets. Those interested in getting a body wrap should be cautious of any fragrances in the ingredients that irritate the skin. Some herbs also absorb through the skin.

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