What Are Some Body Toning Exercises for Women?


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Examples of toning exercises for women include squat and shoulder presses, the pull combination, crossover lunges and the inchworm. Other toning exercises are standing lifts and side planks.

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A squat with a shoulder press is done by standing with the feet hip-width apart while holding a 5-pound weight in each hand with the arms bent up and the palms facing in. The knees are bent into a squat position that's held for one pause, and then upon straightening, the arms are pressed straight up over the shoulders. Repetitions of eight to 12 are recommended.

A pull combo is done by standing with the feet hip-width apart and the arms bent at 90 degrees. The left arm is held by the hip, and the right arm is held up by the face. The left knee is then lifted toward the chest while the torso leans forward. The left leg and arm extend outward so the body is parallel to the ground, and then the body is returned to the standing position.

From that position, the left leg takes a step back as the body lowers into a lunge position and the arms are returned to the sprinter pose. The next part of the combination is to jump while bringing the left knee to the chest, reversing the positions of the arms and standing on the toes of the right foot. This sequence is done on each side eight to 12 times.

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