Which of the Body's Pressure Points Help Induce Labor?


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The body’s pressure points that help induce labor include spleen 6 point, bladder 60 point, pericardium 8 point and bladder 67 point, explains Healthline. Other pressure points that may induce labor include large intestine 4 point and bladder 32 point.

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Spleen 6 point is above the ankle, on the backside of the lower calf or shinbone, explains Healthline. Bladder 60 point is on the foot, in the depression just between the Achilles tendon and the ankle. Pericardium 8 point is in the center of the palm. Bladder 67 point is on the outside of the end of the pinky toe, close to the nail edge. Large intestine 4 point is on the back of the hand, deep between pointer finger and the webbing of the thumb. Bladder 32 point is in the dimple of the buttocks.

While controversial, applying pressure to these points may help induce labor, advises Healthline. A woman should not undertake acupressure procedures to induce labor without consulting her doctor.

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