What Body Organ Charts Do Medical Schools Use?


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Medical schools use body organ charts for each body part and organ system in a human bodyfrom head to toe. In the study of anatomy, theAnatomical Chart Company is one of the sourcesthat work with medical illustrators to create body, organ, tissue and other anatomical charts for educational purposes.

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What Body Organ Charts Do Medical Schools Use?
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The internal organ systems of the body each havea specificsystem chart. The chart visually depicts the organ system and how itworks together with the other organ systemsto create a healthy, living organism.Internal organsare linked together to form a functioning organ system that include the skeletal, the muscular, the respiratory, the cardiovascular, the digestive, the endocrine, the nervous, the excretory and the reproductive systems. Organ charts can specifically depict one or more of these systems.

The skeletalsystem is the framework for the body. The muscular system has 620 skeletal muscles attached to the bones. The respiratory system supplies oxygen to the body and the cardiovascular system circulatesmaterials to the organs through a network of blood vessels. The digestive system suppliesthe body with energy or food digested through the digestive organs. The endocrine system regulates the body with hormones while the nervous system controls the body's activities. The excretory system removes waste from the body, and the reproduction system enables the process of producing children. Each unique system is represented by an organ chart to explain their function, how they relate to each other andaddress issues within each system.

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